5 Tips to Prepare for a Perfect Family Photoshoot


A family photo session is another way to spend time together as a unit with the chance to get a day filled with all the hugs and kisses mom can stand and tons of laughs and great memories for everyone involved. If the thought of wrangling everyone for a session seems nerve wracking, here are a few tips to set your mind (and blood pressure) at ease.


The most daunting task but once decided sets the tone and takes the stress down a few notches. Here are a few points to consider to make it a little easier to decide: What do your dream family photos look like and how will the match where and how they will be displayed? Classic family portrait for the formal living room? Solid colors with powerful statement color. Black, navy, accented with red or green. Soft and Elegant? Think neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics: creams, light brown, greys, soft pinks, blues, and yellows. Fun and Engaging more your family’s overall vibe? Think coordinating colors but not matchy-matchy. Bright coordinated colors, hues of yellow, punches of reds with fun accessories work best for this theme.


The best defense is a strong offense, so prepping everyone before the day of the session is the way to go. Let them know the family will be coming together for a fun day having their photos taken and that they’ll have a ball. Include them in the planning process so they feel involved before and during. Ask them to think of any fun poses they would like to do (ie. Hulk poses with dad, flips with big brother, or hanging upside with mom).

On the day of the session make sure everyone is well rested and fed at least 2 hours before not only does it avoid stains of those perfect outfits, they will be in better moods once the camera goes up.

On location shoots should be taken in a place that is special to the family and/or comfortable to everyone present. Bring along any fun activity or prop that will make it even more familiar and relaxed.


As you prep the kids, give dad a little pep talk to. It makes EVERYONE happier when dad is engaged and seemingly happy to be there too. If Dad isn’t a ‘big kid’ type promise him you won’t force him into any crazy poses and you’ll leave him alone on Sunday, during the game if he goes along for a smile or two.


This is the number one way to get those inauthentic, plastic smiles no one wants. Let the kids be and the photographer’s job is the get those smiles and giggles out in the most natural way, sure to be a crowd pleaser at Grandma’s.


Relax and enjoy holding your little one, tickle them, love on them, chase them around. Hold on to your love and spend the time relishing in the fact that you created this special unit and enjoy! In a few weeks your prints will be back and you’ll have beautiful images that you can hold, hang, and cherish those memories for years to come and pass on to those kids to adore for generations.

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