Hey there! I realize I haven’t introduced myself recently here on the blog.

I’m Candace Howe and I am a portrait photographer from Brooklyn, New York. I am mommy to a passionate Pokémon loving son, I affectionally call Chunks here on the interwebs. Like it says in my bio, he keeps me on my toes and last-minute road trips have become our favorite pastime.

Playlists are my love language and a day without music is…no words! So, if ever we meet for a coffee break expect a few random lyrical references and sing along, ok?? Great!


Motherhood came to me fast and hard but it’s been the most amazingly rattling, core shaking, soul filling adventure I’ve ever said Yes to and it’s fueled my love for my work as a maternity photographer. So many lessons came out of long sleepless nights and these short, fun-filled years and I pass them on to you:

Your gut knows, force nothing, ask for help, and celebrate your everydays, service is the bedrock of everything, and know that anything you really want will stretch you for the BEST.

Friends, I appreciate you being here with me on this journey to serve and I look forward to serving you too!