Something magical happens in the studio whenever we invite dad to be a part of the maternity sessions. For months, since they learned they would be parents, some for the first time some for the second or third, they’ve lived with a pulsing anxiety and excitement preparing for their little one’s arrival. When I get to meet them they are almost at the finish line and it’s my joy to give them a day to remember themselves, not as someone’s parents but as each other’s partner in love. Exhausted mom’s to be’s are glamorous, giggling girlfriends and nervous dads are proud, protectors and lovers.


Alexis and Tolu came in for their session anxious parents wanting to know they are prepared for their new roles as parents. We sat and chatted while Alexis was having her makeup done and, as mothers, I and the rest of ladies reassured them they were more than prepared but advised them to lean into each other and to fight against the stress and sleepiness to remember their love started it all.

I Love You-the beginning and end of everything
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you’re interested in scheduling a Maternity or Portrait Session, I would love to have you in the studio. Feel free send me an email request so we can design your dream session together!